3. Build Your First Task


Build Your First Task

Step 1. Open the website

First, open the website you plan to crawl in the built-in browser. ➜ Click “Go” button to open the web page.



Step 2. Pagination 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. ➜ Click “Next” button. ➜ Select “Loop click the element” under Advanced options.


Now the pagination action has been created.


Step 3. Create a list of items

Next, create a list of items to navigate to the detail page.

Select the first title that links to the detail page to create a list of items. ➜ Select “Create a list of items” ➜ Select “ Add current item to the list”. ➜ Select “Continue to edit the list”.


Then select the second title. ➜ Select “Add current item to the list”. ➜ Select “Finish creating list.” ➜ Click “Loop” to process the list.


Now it will navigate to the detail page every time it does the “Loop Item” action.


Step 4. Extract Data

Now you are on the detail page. Start extracting data by clicking on the data you want. ➜ Select “Extract text”.


After selecting “Extract text”, the data you choose will be shown in these fields. ➜ You can change the field name here.


Next, drag the second “Loop item” before the “Click to paginate” action. ➜ Click “Save”.


Now you are done configuring extraction rule.

(Note: You can choose not to load image to speed up the extraction. But sometimes you may cause problems on certain websites.) Then click “Next”.


Step 5. Run your task

Choose “Local Extraction” to run the task on your computer.


The data extracted will be shown in the data extracted pane.


Then export the results to Excel files, or other formats and save the file to the computer.


Or choose “Cloud Extraction” to run the task in the cloud platform.


You can see the progress of the task.


Now you’ve learned how to build your first task.


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